There are some JavaScript topics which sometimes makes new developer confused. Closures, Hoisting & Scope are some of those tricky parts.
I’ll tell what I’ve learn so far…


Global Scope

We all know what variables are. I found scope by finding the answer of a question, “In where my variables are available to me?”…

we can simply write a variable(not in a function or in methods). and try it out in console that is called Global scope. which means you can access it from any where in your application.

const name = ‘Nayeem’;

let lastName= ‘Uddin’;

var uses =…

If you have some basic knowledge in HTML/CSS and Most importantly JavaScript, You Can start React JS right away… The you only have to able to differenciate betweeen what is react ang what is javascript.

  1. Installation process…

you must have node and npm installed on you machine, I’m not going much details on that but you can find much more good articles on that..

Open you terminal and write

npx create-react-app my-first-app

it will take while but after intallation you’ll see tow further command just follw them

cd my-first-app

npm start

Yeah you’ve successfully done Installing your first react app…

A coder weather he is a experienced or a newbie faces errors in their life. Its a normal thing to happen in codes life.

As a new JavaScript Developer I face this too. While I’m learning JavaScript I came to know a very unique thing which is try catch. here I’m to explain what I've learned so far.

  1. try and catch these re two different block



// here is your code



//handles your errors


2. In the try section you will write your actual code. But the interesting thing is if you code has any…

When we start to learn a programming language, we all get stuck in so many things. I was stuck in several why’s!!! So I decided to break something here…

What is String?

const sentence =Hey I’m String;

you can to a lot with this string. So here are some of their cousins…
charAt, concat, includes, endsWith, indexOf, lastIndexOf, replace, slice, split, startsWith, substr, toLowercase, toUppercase, trim, trimStart, trimEnd

Yes, there are more but these are some which I will try to explain…

How you will use them?

String.cousins… that simple :)

  1. CharAt
    This will give you the index member!!


Nayeem Uddin

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